She Took Away Her Son’s Phone Because He Deleted Her Daughter’s Minecraft World. Was She Wrong?

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AITA for punishing my son by taking away his phone after he deleted my daughter’s Minecraft world?

“I (41f) am married to my husband (42m) and we have two kids: our son (11m) who we will call Zach, and daughter (9f) who we will call Lizzie (not their real names for privacy reasons).

Lizzie LOVES the video game Minecraft, and has played it nearly every day since we bought it for her on Xbox for her 8th birthday. She is a super artsy kid and loves to create extravagant buildings and structures in Minecraft, and she has shown me her amazing creations many times.

Two days ago, she was playing downstairs and Zach asked if he could play with her. Lizzie didn’t let him play even though we have two Xbox controllers, and Zach was very angry for not letting her play. I don’t know why Lizzie didn’t let him play, I was in the kitchen upstairs.

Yesterday, when my husband and I were still sleeping, Lizzie started screaming and crying downstairs. She always wakes up early to play. Her world with all of her creations is gone, and she told us between sobs that she can’t get it back, and she thinks that Zach deleted it last night.

When Zach woke up, I asked him if he deleted Lizzie’s world, and he started laughing and said that she should have let him play with her. I was livid. Lizzie loves that game so much and her creations were beautiful, and now they’re gone forever, not to mention that she is devastated that the world she has spent over a year on is gone forever.

I took my son’s brand new phone away (we had just bought it for him this month for his birthday). My son is acting like this is the end of the world. He says he needs his phone because everybody else at school has one, and he needs to fit in.

He is starting middle school this week and claims he doesn’t want to become a social outcast. I told him he can have his phone back in a month, and not having a phone won’t make him an outcast, but he refuses and wants it now.

My husband think his that taking away his phone is going too far, and that Lizzie’s game being gone “isn’t that big of a deal,” but by that logic, isn’t Zach’s phone being gone not that big of a deal either? I don’t know what to do, it’s been over 24 hours and Zach won’t talk to me, and Lizzie is still moody. So Reddit, can I get some advice.


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