She Wants Her Husband to Pay for the Tools His Daughter Used for the Necklace He Threw Away. Is She Wrong?

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AITA for expecting my husband to pay for the tools my daughter used for the handmade necklace he threw out?

“My husband and I have disagreements from time to time. Nothing major just normal stuff.

He has a habit of throwing out something of mine as a way to “teach me a lesson” whenever he’s upset with me after an argument. This time he threw out the handmade necklace my daughter (13) made for me herself on mother’s day. The argument was about him wanting to hang out with his buddies on the day of my mom’s surgery (I wanted him to stay home and be with our daughter but he refused).

Yesterday I found out he threw out the necklace and after he admitted to what he did, I went off on him and also told him that this necklace was special to me and that my daughter spent so much time and effort to make it. She comforted me then told me she’d make an identical one for me if I buy her the tools, I went to my husband and told him I was expecting H.I.M to cough up the money to pay for thr tools so my daughter could make me a similar necklace.

He laughed and said that I was delusional to expect him to pay when I haven’t even apologized for my “part” of the argument but I felt like I had nothing to apologize for and that yes, he should stay home for a family emergency. He said “why don’t you have one of your friends come stay with Chloe? Oh yes you don’t have any!”

This p**sed me off but he said he wouldn’t pay but I told him that our daughter knew what he did which set him off saying I was trying to turn our daughter against him and brainwash her into thinking he’s the bad guy in this scenario.

I told him I’m still expecting him to pay but now he’s saying that I’m ganging up on him with our daughter.”

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