She Won’t Allow Her Brother and His Wife to Take Wedding Photos on Her Wedding Day. Is She Wrong?

I can’t wait to take MY wedding photos…on YOUR wedding day!

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AITA for not allowing my brother and his wife to take wedding pictures on MY wedding?

“Husband and I – 34,35

Brother (Jack) and SIL (Hannah)- 22,24

My husband and I recently got married. About a week before the event, Jack and Hannah asked if they could take their wedding pictures as well after our ceremony and during the reception. I asked if they meant when everything was over but they clarified that they wanted people in the pictures.

The reason for their request was that they eloped, so they didn’t get to have the whole wedding experience and they wanted the pictures to show their future kids and hang on their future home.

I can understand why they would want that, so I told them that they could take pictures but either before the events or after the guests had left. That’s because they planned to come dressed in wedding attire and I didn’t want them to be wearing that during the wedding.

They tried to convince me to change my mind but I stood my ground with when they could take the pictures and they ended up saying that they didn’t want to take them anymore. I thought nothing of it and just carried on with my life.

Until, the day of the wedding they arrived with a photographer and Hannah was wearing a long white dress. The guests had already arrived, so I told my MOH to please tell them to change clothes. Hannah and Jack refused so the groomsmen kicked them out.

After the wedding, my mother asked where they were and I told her. She agreed that they shouldn’t have done it but that I could have let it slide since they were already here. She also said that everyone who attended the wedding knew who the couple was, so it’s not like they would’ve caused any confusion.

I‘m beginning to feel bad because they just wanted to have nice memories and pictures to show in the future and I ruined it for them. My husband and MOH say that I did nothing wrong but I feel like they’re biased.

AITA? If I am I’ll apologize and offer to pay them back for the photographer.”

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