She Won’t Cook for Her Boyfriend After the Way He Rated Her Food. Is She Wrong?

People can be so darn rude sometimes, ya know?

Well, a woman asked the fine folks on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page if she was wrong to refuse to cook for her boyfriend after the way he acted about her food.

Let’s see what went down…

AITA for no longer letting boyfriend eat what I cook after he rated my food in front of my family?

“My (25) boyfriend Jerry (31) has a culinary art diploma. He works 2 jobs related to his field 1 as a chef in a restaurant and 2 as a cooking instructor. We’ve been dating for almost 16 months now btw.

I had no real experience in cooking but he encouraged me to learn and helped my skills improve so much even though he has a habit of rating every meal I cook which I find a bit rude for example.. “X meal gets 7/10 or Y meal gets 8,3/10 or even Z meal would’ve gotten 9/10 if the sauce wasn’t so salty etc. I didn’t feel great with him rating my food no matter the score but he says he’s helping me improve so..

My family came over to visit and I wanted to cook their favorite meals. Jerry sat with my parents and chatted til food was ready. He started eating and kept making comments about my choice of meals. Once he put his fork down he cleared his throat and literally started rating every dish I made by giving me 7/10 for this, 4,8/10 for this and 6/10 for this.

My family were so confused and I was floored I felt awful as he kept giving advice on how to improve my “score” next time. He kept a straight face while doing it. It was awkward just awkward the entire evening.

We had a huge argument after my family left and I told Jerry that he acted poorly and embarrassed me when he started rating my food in front of family. I said to him that I won’t have him eat what I cook anymore. He said I was overreacting and claimed what he was was doing is just constructive criticism and I shouldn’t take it personal since he’s just used to rating his students work.

I said I wasn’t his dang student and he wasn’t Gordon Ramsay to be heavily putting my efforts down in front of family. He got offended and said my reaction was way over the top since he was just giving constructive criticism in order for me to make progress and said he was trying to help and that “Gordon Ramsey” comment was totally uncalled for and just a low blow to his abilities as a respectable chef with a respectable career.

He then asked what made me think it was okay to come at him like that over few ratings. He stated he was hurt and went to stay with a friend for the night probably expecting an apology from me.


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