Shopping for the Person Who Has Everything? Gwyneth Paltrow’s Gift Guide Is Here to…Help

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Holiday season may come only once a year. But birthdays come at us year round. Plus, there’s Valentine’s Day and other various and sundry gift giving occasions. And almost everyone has that one dear family member or friend who has damn near everything.

What’s a gifting consumer to do?

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Have no fear. The Goop gift guide is here. Every holiday season, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand, Goop, compiles a list of…ahem…incredible must-haves. But if you think $1200 is too much to spend on a turtleneck sweater for your bestie, then, bless your heart. Send her the link and tell her you’ve been thinking about her at least.

Yes, the list is ridiculous, but it’s also awesome. The editors even say so (which almost takes the fun out of making fun of it). Real gifts for any taste and budget are featured, and they are all excellent ideas for year-round giving.

Here’s what we are loving now.

Experiences are the new “things.”

Photo Credit: Saatchi Art

The “Be A Muse For A Day In London” experience provides the recipient a day with famed photographer Miss Anelia of Saatchi Art. It’s all-inclusive—airfare, hotel, food, styling, photo—the whole shebang. Just $150,000.

Memberships are super hot right now.

What better way to show your undying love than the gift of unlimited flying around California on Surf Air’s Pilatus PC-12 for a month with a like-minded community of people? Best if your recipient is a California resident because that’s where the gift is. A measly $1,950.

Banana Lamp…that is all.

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It doesn’t matter whom you are buying for – s/he needs this banana lamp. Hell, you need this banana lamp. Pick up two. A titchy little $340.


Photo Credit: Goop

Roll like a baller. King-size 24k gold rolling papers intended only for legal smoking herbs. Makes a great stocking stuffer. A negligible $55

For people you only like a little bit and who have rough skin.

Photo Credit: Club Loofah

Loofah of the month club. Exfoliating level: HIGH. Lathering level: LOW. Excitement level: MEDIUM. But no one could turn up a nose at a fresh home-delivered loofah on a monthly basis. At $6 per month, it’s basically bath-time theft.

The next time you are presented with an opportunity to show off how generous and gracious you are, consult with the current Goop Gift Giving Guide. After their confusion wears off, your friends and family will love your ‘unique’ gift more than anyone else’s. Especially more than your sister’s gift that’s always perfect and that everyone talks about for weeks.

Give her the loofah.