Should This Girl Not Have “Shocked” Her Teacher With Her Face?

In my personal experience, a majority of people who go into the teaching profession do so because they love kids and are passionate about education.

I’m not sure why the rest of them do it, but we’ve all had teachers in our day that definitely don’t belong in the profession, and dealing with it is always a challenge.

This young lady had an accident as a baby that left her with a single eye. It’s not a situation where she can have a fake or glass eye, so she chooses to wear her bangs long on one side to avoid making other people uncomfortable.

I had an accident when I was a baby and I lost my left eye. I don’t have an eye socket I could put a fake eye in, it’s just normal skin and some scars on a big patch of my face (they reconstructed my face with a later surgery this way). The right side and the bottom half of my face is completely normal.

I have big side bangs that hide the left side of my face so I don’t freak anyone out and I don’t get weird looks. I’ve been going to the same school since I was 5, so the teachers and the kids know about it.

A new teacher demanded that she fix her bangs because he “wants to see her face,” but when OP did as asked he was shocked and told her she could replace her bangs.

We got a new teacher this week. He started by asking us to go around and introduce ourself. When it got to me, he was rude and asked me “do your parents know you come to school looking like this? It’s extremely disrespectful, fix your bangs, I want to see your face!”

So I obeyed and tucked my bangs behind my ear, showing the left side of my face. He gasped, his face turned red, my classmates laughed and he told me that I can let my bangs down.

Later in the day the head teacher scolded her for trying to “shock” him and said she could have just explained.

Later that day, my head teacher came to me to scold me. She told me I was wrong to “shock” the new teacher and I should’ve just told him about it.

Did I do anything wrong? I just obeyed his orders, it’s not my fault he ended up not wanting to look at my face. AITA?

At some point OP learned that the new teacher hadn’t told the whole truth about the exchange, and after some of her classmates verified her version of events, an apology was issued.

Update: My mom went in to talk to the head teacher. It turned out that the new teacher made it sound like I was playing a prank on him, trying to deliberately shock him and make fun of him in front of the class. 3 of my classmates had to be called in to confirm my part of the story.

The head teacher apologized, called it an unfortunate misunderstanding and told us she will clear it up with the new teacher, I don’t have to worry about it. I don’t believe it was just a “misunderstanding”, it sounds like the new teacher deliberately lied, but we can’t do anything about it…

Should she have tried harder to save him from embarrassment and/or discomfort?

I have a feeling I know where Reddit is going to land with this one!

The top comment says that it’s not her job to make sure other people are comfortable with her appearance. Full stop.

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This person thinks that even if she wasn’t missing an eye he was out of line to complain about her hairstyle.

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The only person that wasn’t wrong here is OP.

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I mean honestly, what is the matter with people??

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Seriously we all kind of want to be her friend.

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This teacher should be ashamed of himself and he should also have brought OP in to apologize personally.

What do you think should be done with teachers who don’t belong in the profession? Let’s hash it out in the comments!