Silent Fireworks Won’t Scare Your Pets, and a Town in Italy Is Already Using Them

Photo Credit: Pexels

Who doesn’t love the excitement of a good fireworks show?

Your dog or cat, that’s who.

Which explains why July 5 is the busiest day for animal shelters throughout the United States. The spectacular fireworks shows used to celebrate the nation’s freedom means a night of confusion and fear for many pets who will do anything to get away from the noise. Even if it means running away from home.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

If the poor runaways don’t get scooped up and taken to a shelter, they can sometimes end up getting hit by a car.  They can also suffer nausea and heart problems from the stress.

But one town in Italy has decided to put pets and wildlife first when it comes to city-wide celebrations.

Collecchio in the Parma province has required its citizens to use only silent fireworks, protecting animals from the stress and anxiety of a traditional cracking and booming fireworks display.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Silent fireworks have all the brightness and illumination of regular fireworks. There’s even the noise of the ignition, but it’s not loud enough to frighten animals. No big bang and pop to scare pets or birds. Just a lovely trail of sparkles in the sky.

Setti Fireworks, an Italian company, designs the quieter pyrotechnics with customized colors and designs for Collecchio, which has made it against the law to use normal fireworks within their city.

The result is better visual effects, colors and even lasers that have replaced the noise, keeping spectators’ excitement levels up and animals’ stress levels down.

Photo Credit: Pixnio

How do silent fireworks…work?

Actually, they are not a new invention. Classic shows use silent fireworks all the time to accompany big bangs. Comet tails that fizzle are a good example of these. So maybe they aren’t technically silent, but they are much less startling.

Animal friendly displays are beginning to catch on in popularity in many countries around the globe. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone – small children, veterans dealing with battle trauma and our pets – could enjoy the fun of a celebratory fireworks display?

Let’s hope less scary fireworks shows become the norm soon.