The Smallest Hotel on Earth Was Built Because of an Old Marriage Law

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The smallest hotel on Earth is a very unique destination in its own right, but the history of this tiny building in Amberg, Germany makes it even more interesting.

The Eh’häusl Hotel is only 8 feet wide, and it contains seven floors that comprise a grand total of 570 square feet.

Only two people can book the hotel at a time – and with so few guest, the hotel feels pretty roomy. There are plenty of small nooks and crannies to lounge in, a bedroom, a lounge with a fireplace, a salon, and a nice bathroom with a whirlpool tub.

The history of the tiny hotel is what really brings in the business. In Amberg in the 18th century, couples who wanted to get married had to own land, and provide proof of that ownership. In 1728, a clever local businessman had a brilliant idea. Armed with the knowledge that many of Amberg’s citizens did not own land, the man built a small structure consisting of only walls and a roof in an alleyway.

The man who built the structure “sold” it to a landless couple so they could legally get married. That couple in turn sold to another landless bride and groom, and the cycle went on and on. Pretty brilliant when you think about it, right?

Today the hotel is called Eh’häusl, which means “wedding house” in the local dialect. The hotel’s website tells potential visitors, “as soon as the guest receives the key, he or she is the temporary owner of this miniature sanctuary. Close your eyes for a moment and you will understand why you don’t need a concierge. You will have the feeling that you’ve arrived home!”

Photo Credit: Facebook, Renazzo

h/t: Mental Floss