The “Smart Bong” Is Revolutionizing the Weed Game

©Paramount Pictures ©Facebook, Puffco

Attention, pot smokers! Put down your joint/pipe/one-hitter/bong or maybe even the apple you’re currently smoking out of and listen up. The company Puffco has created a device that you need in your life ASAP. Behold, the Puffco Peak:

Photo Credit: Facebook, Puffco

This “smart rig” is battery powered and has a water filtration system built in. That means you’ll never have to light up or recharge again when it’s time to take your bedtime bong hits. It’s 2018, people, time to update your weed-smoking apparatus.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Today’s cannabis connoisseurs prefer smoking concentrated THC that comes in wax form, and this new device is perfect for them. The Peak has an “Intelligent Temperature Calibration” that means everyone who takes a puff gets consistent temperature and flavor. The rig is wireless and only takes 20 seconds to heat up. The battery life is about 30 hits, so depending on who you’re smoking with, you and your pals should all be nice and baked in short order. Here’s a video of how the Puffco Peak works.

Hey, it’s a brand new year, treat yourself!

h/t: Pizza Bottle