Snoop Dogg Listens to Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ as a Coping Mechanism and We Love It

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Everyone has days when they feel down, even the great Snoop Dogg. Like so many others, he also has unique coping mechanisms.

Twitter was delighted to find footage of the Hip-Hop star listening to Frozen’s Let It Go.” This Twitter user brought up the topic, which shows Snoop listening to the famous song in his parked car.

Now, some people expressed that the famous rapper is also a stoner, and he was just having a moment.

Others commented on Snoop’s looks. They’re right to comment on this though.

In these rough times, we sometimes wake up on the wrong side of the bed. This clip was therapeutic for people who needed a mood booster.

People wanted to dissect exactly what happened. They needed a full understanding!

Stories about moments with Snoop, and of course they were heartwarming in the stoner way.

Others appreciated Snoop’s lifehack and decided to make it a part of their future arsenal as well.

Fans of Snoop Dogg even suggested that he might be a great counselor. After all, he’s a pretty chill dude, and seems like a great listener.

And of course, others were happy just to relate to Snoop Dogg. If he can have a bad day and need help, then we’re all stronger for admitting that we need to have happiness rituals like this one.

You do you, Snoop Dogg! Thank you for sharing your adorable moments with the world.

Are there any songs that soothe you when you need to relax and make the world stop just a bit? Let us know in the comments! We might need to give these songs a listen, too.