Snow Is Effing Beautiful and These Closeup Photos Prove It

©Instagram, michael_peres

When you’re blasted with snowstorm after snowstorm, it’s hard to appreciate how beautiful snow really is. With blizzards bearing down on different parts of the country, millions of people are probably tired of looking at the neverending white stuff, let alone reading about it. But maybe these photos will change their minds, just a little bit.

Michael Peres is a photography professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology and likes posting stunning photos of snowflakes that show their delicate intricacy.

As you’ve probably heard since you were young, every snowflake has a unique shape. Changes in temperature and humidity affect how the ice crystallizes, and thus the shape of a snowflake.

Now maybe you’ll look at snow a little bit differently as you’re shoveling your driveway for the next few months… Right?