Snow White Soothes Boy with Autism at Disney World

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Brody Bergner doesn’t take to strangers well, but he was looking forward, with help from his mom, to visiting Disney World.

Photo Credit: Needpix

Lauren (his mom) talked to Brody for months about what her 6 year old with autism could expect when he got there. But, knowing how sensitive her son is to crowded and noisy places, she knew she could expect at least a couple of meltdowns.

So, while waiting to meet Snow White toward the end of a full day of park hopping, Lauren could sense her tired and overstimulated boy was heading for a breakdown.

She told Today, “Brody was overheated, sweating and overwhelmed by everything. He just started crying.”

Then something happened that changed everything.

Snow White could see immediately that Brody was non-verbal and had special needs.

In her post, Lauren writes,

“She kissed, hugged and cuddled him. She then took him for a walk away from the crowd! She was amazing. She held his hand , danced with him , took him over to a bench and sat with him . She went above and beyond !! She took so much time with him .She was a pure angel ! She was magical and my family is forever thankful and touched !”

Lauren’s Facebook post, with pictures of Brody and Show White, was shared over 100,000 times.

She and her husband, Bill, were awed at how quickly Brody connected with the Disney princess.

Fearing, at one point, that the crowd would grow impatient with their family for holding up their Snow White encounters, Lauren turned around only to see everyone break into applause.

“It was this magical moment that we will never, ever forget,” she said.

And, that’s how, on a sweltering, hot day in the middle of Florida, a small boy met his princess.