It Snowed in the South and People Lost Their S**t


People who are native to the South don’t know how to handle snow. I’ve seen it firsthand. I grew up in Illinois and Kansas, which see their fair share of snow, and now I live in North Carolina. We usually only get one teeny, tiny snowfall each year that amounts to about an inch or so – and everything shuts down. I’m not complaining, it’s just the way it is because cities in the South aren’t prepared for it like other places in the country.

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And with the South getting hit particularly hard this year by snow and ice storms, you know we’re gonna see some great reactions on social media. And the people of Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas have not let us down. Take a look at what people are posting.

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Of course, it’s nothing compared to Erie, New York, or a ton of other places up north, but, hey, let these folks have some fun, okay?

h/t: Mashable