So Many Questions Around the Hidden Shrine of Danny DeVito Found Inside a College Bathroom

Photo Credit: Amazon, Maskjunction

In the name of the father, the son, and Danny DeVito…

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, students at SUNY Purchase College in New York have quite the comedic imagination. Either that or they created a cult following for their leader, Danny DeVito.

Let’s explain: recently, someone discovered a secret shrine in one of the college’s bathrooms, hidden behind a paper towel dispenser.

Not only is it wonderfully creepy and/or charming (depending on who you ask), it’s filled with treasures left behind for the It’s Always Sunny in Philiadelphia star. Plastic spoons, cigarettes, liquor bottles, and a graffiti picture of Squidward, to name a few, were laid at the feet of a cardboard cut out of DeVito.

Once the Administration caught wind, they tweeted:

But soon after it went viral and students began clawing to give thanks and service to the shrine, the school sealed it up.

Many students, as well as other twitter enthusiasts, took to reviving it in various ways to show the love and support every fallen shrine deserves.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @cfields1031

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Danny had a good laugh as well and sent an important message about garbage:

Photo Credit: Twitter, @DannyDeVito

But questions still remain…Who did this? Why the obsession with DeVito? And how in the world did they find a removable paper towel dispenser? Alas, we may never know the truth, and I hope it doesn’t keep you up at night wondering as well…