Solve This Math Puzzle and Call Yourself a Genius

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Math is not my thing. It’s not a lot of people’s thing, to be honest – but if it’s your thing, you’re going to want to try to solve this puzzle, tweeted out by People’s Daily, China. In the picture below, each picture represents a number…

Photo Credit: Twitter

Can you solve it?

Turn the page for the answer!

The answer is 16.

How did we get there? Well, it’s algebra.

Get started like this:

Let’s call the shoes S, the cat C, and and whistle W. The first equation sets up the whole puzzle: 3 pairs of shoes added together equal 30. S + S + S = 30, so divide 30 by 3. Each pair of sneakers represents a 10.

I’m sure a math genius like you can take it from there!

h/t: Mental_Floss

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