Solve These 5 Fun Riddles and Put a Smile on Your Face

Image Credit: Pixabay

You know you love a good riddle – and we’ve got 5 right here, so dig in!

#5. A biter.

#4. A house inside a house inside a house.

#3. In and out.

#2. Fly without wings.

#1. Key words.

Continue reading to check your answers!

#5. I don’t bite unless you push me, but the things I bite don’t bleed. What am I?

#4. There is a green house. Inside the green house is a white house. Inside the white house is a red house. Inside the red house there are lots of babies. What could it be?

#3. I go into the water black and come out red. What am I?

#2. I fly without wings and I cry without eyes. What am I?

#1. What has no wheels but can be driven, and stays whole even when it is sliced?

Thanks for playing along!