Some Genius Modified a Roomba to Yell Swear Words When It Crashes into Things


Okay, this Michael Reeves fella needs to start working for NASA as soon as possible. The young man is going places, I’m telling you, and his latest video proves why.

Reeves already has a large following on YouTube, and he probably just gained a whole lot more after he successfully programmed a Roomba to shout swear words when it bumps into things.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Some of his followers on YouTube had been asking for Reeves to make a shouting Roomba and he delivered.

Check this out:

Reeves programmed the device to scream in any voice and any words he wanted it to when he was finished. Of course, the swearing Roomba is a huge hit.


Reeves should also probably start selling these (or at least home-modding kits) because he’d probably make a fortune.

Here’s the full video for your viewing enjoyment.

What a wonderful world we live in…