The 10 Most Influential Twitter Moments of All Time


Twitter began as a humble micro-blogging platform, but it now commands our respect. After all, world leaders now make news with the statements they put out on the site. Meanwhile, social justice movements and memes have penetrated our lives thanks to the platform.

The hashtag #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade focuses on preserving the biggest twitter moments of the decade.

It originated on #BlackTwitter and provides a great view of things that happened—and that you already forgot about. You can thank musician King Juwan for coming up with this hashtag so we can all remember some defining moments a bit better.

10. 2012—The Year of Sweet Brown

9. Hotline Bling

8. The Craft Video

7. The Instagram Logo


6. King Juwan’s Film Masterpiece

5. This Epic Prank


4. Carter’s Campaign for Free Nuggets

3. This Precise Grape Surgery

2. This Masterful Golden Girls Cover


1. The Plot Twist Of Our Decade

These tweets and so many others went viral this decade. You can check out the hashtag for more!

Which moments do you remember most? Care to share them with us in the comments?