13 Funny Office Photos For Anyone Who Loves/Hates Corporate Life

Image Credit: Facebook

There are many, many benefits to holding down an office job, but as anyone who has ever done it (or is still doing it) can tell you, it’s also rife with opportunities to drive you completely bonkers.

You’ve got to do something to alleviate the stress, right? And making your coworkers chuckle seems to be one of the best and safest ways to go about it.

So if you’re sitting in your office trying not to pull your hair out right this second, don’t worry! These 13 clever funnies have got you covered.

13. Someone’s shade game is on point.

12. We may never know the answer, because even though walls talk, doors don’t.

11. Everyone’s a comedian.

10. An insult to lemonade stands everywhere.

9. Friend-zoned by food. Ouch.

8. You might want to learn how to count!

7. It’s like working with your siblings around there.

6. Someone’s staff might have too much time on their hands.

5. Deep thoughts if you want them – or if you don’t.

4. If you get this joke, you’re definitely my kind of people.

3. Coffeemakers are one thing that really does need to be hot.

2. I, too, would like some further explanation.

1. Wow. That thief is just flaunting it!

I’m laughing a little bit too much!

Did you love these? What’s your favorite – or least favorite – thing about working in an office? Tell us in the comments!