Somebody Made a BBQ Grill That Looks Like a Star Wars AT-AT Walker

Photo Credit: Burned By Design

If you’re into all things Star Wars and you like barbecue, you’re about to see something life changing.

This AT-AT Walker is a real working BBQ grill.


Designed by Alex Dodson of Burned by Design (previously), this hand-welded, steel AT-AT Walker has a grill and cook shelf built right in its robot back.

The website says it is:

The new must have for the Star Wars fanatic!!! Designed using original movie blue prints, the iconic AT-AT Walker has been transformed in to the ultimate BBQ! This metal beast is bound to the talking point of every gathering.

Handcrafted in mild steel using 4mm precision cut laser profiles to capture that movie detailing.

The grills are removable and there’s also a coal rack to keep the charcoal elevated.

Even if you bizarrely have friends you want to feed that don’t know what an AT-AT Walker is, they would still be wowed by the design alone.

This is a showpiece for any backyard on Earth or in a galaxy that’s quite a ways off.


You could party like an Ewok with one of these grills, a few sizzling porg patties and some cold ones. Start clearing some space on your patio and make your guest list.

Summer’s looking like a new beginning for your ‘cue game.

Alright folks, now is the time to sound off! Would you want something THIS Star Wars’ themed in your life? How much would you pay for such a thing?

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