Somehow “All” Women Have a Freckle in the Exact Same Spot

Image Credit: Twitter

I put “all” in quotation marks because obviously not every single woman in the world has a freckle on the back of one of their wrists/arms.

That said, a surprising number of us seem to have just that (myself included), and the discovery is kind of freaking some women out.

It began when Twitter-user Aaryn Whitely posted a photo of her wrist, along with images of her friends’ wrists, and made the claim that every woman has a freckly in the middle of her wrist.


She “proved” the theory by asking other Twitter users to check and then send pictures of their own freckles, and the resulting thread has now gone viral.

Because…it’s definitely a mystery. Many, many women have responded with similar pictures.

Why? No scientist has weighed in yet, but we’re all waiting.

Theories range from aliens to the government to some kind of secret society or scientific experiment, but obviously, we need some biologists to put an end to the mystery.

Until then, the freckle challenge lives on, with more women supporting Aaryn’s hypothesis every single day.


Ladies, do you have one?

Weird, isn’t it?!