People Keep Hitting This Huge Stone Someone Put Down To Stop Parking Lot ‘Curb Jumpers’

©Facebook, The W Maple Omaha Rock

Okay, here’s the story. A lot of cars were jumping a particular curb in a parking lot, and people in Omaha, Nebraska, were fed up. So they decided to put a rock – a really huge rock – on the curb to deter drivers from taking that little shortcut…

And now there is a Facebook group The W Maple Omaha Rock dedicated to documenting the people who choose to ignore the rock and end up paying the price.

The whole thing is pretty humorous, but probably not for the folks who, for some reason, continue to drive over the enormous boulder and damage their cars in the process.

A member of the Facebook group said, “I honestly am not sure when the rock was put into place. I know the rock was put there because a lot of people would drive over the curb and get flat tires. It would also cause giant holes where the grass is being ripped out and where rain would collect and make a giant mud puddle.”

The member added, “But I also strongly believe people just do not pay attention when driving. Now that there are Facebook pages and Twitter pages, I think it started to pick up steam on Twitter first, and then a Facebook profile was created last week. I do have a picture of what was in the baggie on the ground, next to the rock in the photo you shared of me in the article.”

There’s just so many cars getting boned by that rock!

This is honestly a little terrifying. Why aren’t people looking where they’re driving?

People have come to love the rock, and it gets a lot of attention these days:

God bless America! Ignore the rock at your own peril!