Nerds Raged After Someone Said ‘Orangutan’ at a Poe Conference and Things Went Downhill From There

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Who said the academic world is full of stuffy people, void of emotion? Those crazy cats are ready to put up dukes if they get ruffled enough. Especially if orangutans are mentioned at an Edger Allen Poe conference.


Read this Tumblr thread to find out more about what makes academic types start to lose their ever-loving minds.

Raging nerds and an orangutan

Dr. Matthews, You Need to Calm the F Down

The Milton scholars seem pretty excitable. Okay, they seem crazy. Like, certifiably crazy.

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Scientific Classification Principles are Not to Be Made Willy-Nilly

Fisticuffs are justifiable. Better than talking, even!

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Okay, Let’s Get to the Issue at Hand: Orangutans

When you have a PhD in American Literature, but you’re still the dumbest person in the room.

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Edgar Allen Poe May or May Not Be a Racist


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Here Comes the Orangutan

Sometimes it’s better just to listen, especially if you don’t know what’s going on.

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What’s Up With the Orangutan?

Well, here’s what’s up…

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Oh. My.

It’s on.

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A Ban on Orangutans?

Hardcore, but probably necessary.

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First Rule About Poe Club?

Never! Talk! About! The orangutan!

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In your wildest dreams, would you have ever thought such chaos would come from talking about the orangutan? Clearly, the word is terribly, horribly loaded. But normal people don’t really know this.

But now you do…so, don’t do it!

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