Son’s Sad Tweet about His Dad’s Donut Shop Goes Viral and Sales Skyrocket


When in doubt, tweet it out – at least it worked for this guy. Billy By’s dad opened Billy’s Donuts in Missouri City, Texas and sales were…let’s say slow. So Billy did what any normal person does in 2019 to try to boost business: he took to social media to plead his case.

You know people couldn’t resist Billy’s dad standing behind the counter waiting for customers to come buy up his delicious donuts.

And guess what? The tweet picked up steam, went viral, and people started going to the store!

It worked!

Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

Even TWITTER jumped on the story and told people to get on down to the shop.

How’s that for advertising? As of this writing, the original tweet has been retweeted 343,000 times!

Billy’s dad looked pretty darn happy about this turn of events.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Billy tweeted an update about the amazing turnaround.

Check out the Billy’s Donuts Instagram page, too.

I needed that wholesome story! And now I need some donuts!