Sophie Turner and Nick Jonas Take to Instagram After Someone Mentions He Looks Like Littlefinger

Image Credit: Instagram

There are few celebrity couples as adored these days as Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas – they’re young, they’re hip, and they’re both at the top of their games.

And after someone mentioned that Joe’s brother Nick, dressed up for a MET gala, kinda sorta resembled Game of Thrones villain Littlefinger – well, their responses proved that a sense of humor just might run in the family.


He and Sophie had an exchange on Instagram that had everyone rolling with laughter.


Nick seemed to be as amused by the comparison as anyone and posted a side-by-side comparison on Instagram.


Which is when the real fun began.

Queen Sansa (hoping!) replied to this comment by Nick:

Image Credit: Instagram

With an awesome burn of her own, and fans were just squealing with glee.

Image Credit: Instagram

Here’s hoping she as successful when it comes to these last few episodes of Game of Thrones, am I right?


I just couldn’t resist!