17 Photos Of Horrible Hotel Fails

Hotels can be expensive, so it’s tempting to opt for one with a lower price and a fewer stars. After all, you’re just sleeping there, so how bad could it be?

Very bad, as it turns out. Just take it from these people whose hotels failed in truly epic ways.

1. Pick a faucet, any faucet.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Mr.Grieves123

2. “The motel sign said they had a gym.”

Photo Credit: Imgur: JarJarDrinks

3. Shower Fires: The Silent Killer.

Photo Credit: Reddit: LegoClaes

4. This should go without saying.

5. Don’t you dare use this ashtray for its intended purpose.

Photo Credit: Reddit: cinembaroque

6. “This is on the bed in my hotel room.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: stoppre182

7. Forget everything you know about numbers.

Photo Credit: Reddit: c0ffeeman

8. Right this way to the… basement?

Photo Credit: Imgur: DaFunOne

9. Every good hotel has a decorative staircase.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Drowse

10. Okay, now it’s getting ridiculous.

Photo Credit: Imgur: gingepeedle

11. That’s gonna be a steamy shower.

Photo Credit: Reddit: eddygoombah

12. One door for both the bathroom and closet. Actually… this is genius.

13. A room without a view.

14. “We haven’t finished loading this part of the Matrix yet.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Jwags420

15. Hope you weren’t planning on sharing this room.

Photo Credit: Reddit: HAZMA7

16. Was this designed for Elastigirl?

Photo Credit: Reddit: Chappssss

17. No one’s gonna guess that one.