Spend 30 Hours in a Coffin with Your Partner This October and Win $600, Courtesy of Six Flags

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For the last couple of years, amusement park Six Flags has celebrated Halloween by daring their guests to spend 30 hours trapped alone in a coffin. People surprisingly jumped at the chance (and some of them actually made it!), so this year, they’re upping the ante and offering the challenge for couples.

That’s right – it’s a chance to test your relationship by spending the night trapped in a 6-foot by 5.4-foot space together!

Or, you know, if you’re up for a super adventure, you could also do it with a perfect stranger.

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You’re allowed to bring pillows, sleeping bags, or whatever else you’d like, as long as everything fits inside and allows the lid to be closed. You’re also allowed to leave for designated bathroom breaks, to eat meals, and to use your phone (that last one is crap, if you asl me).

Each contestant is also issued a “Get Out of the Coffin Free Card” to use in exchange for a 6-minute breather.

There are mini-challenges throughout the main event, like fishing a mystery item out of a bucket, lying still while covered in worms, or other Fear Factor Lite experiences.

Both participants must complete these challenges together, though everyone does get one “Skip the Challenge Card” at the outside of the event.

The reward for surviving all of this intact – and hopefully still in a relationship – is $600 (to split), two 2020 season passes, and a Fright Fest prize pack.

There’s an online application if you’re interested, and if this year’s deadline is passed, well…there’s always next year.

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Maybe you and your partner can spend the intervening months trying to survive hours on end pressed together in a tight space.

Remember, though, for the real challenge, you’ll have an audience.

So no funny business to pass the time.