Do Not Keep Plastic Wrap in a Drawer – Just Stick It in the Freezer

Photo Credit: Twitter

Ever found yourself in a battle with your plastic wrap? By the time you finally peel a layer, you’ve worked up a full sweat and the food is ice cold.

Ironically, that’s the temperature you want for your wrap.

While most people keep plastic wrap tucked away in a drawer or cabinet, the ideal spot for stress-free plastic wrap is actually in your freezer. At least, that’s according to Lynell Ross, a certified health and wellness coach and nutritionist.

“The cold air in the freezer makes the plastic wrap much easier to handle. By freezing the plastic wrap the molecular structure of it changes, causing the surface to weaken chemical bonds,” Ross explained in Readers Digest.

Because it contains polyethylene, plastic wrap attracts static. Combined with added adhesives from manufacturers to increase stickiness, this can lead to plastic wrap annoyingly getting stuck to itself.

Ross said the cold from the freezer will reduce some of that static electricity and make it easier to unroll and use your plastic wrap.

“It is safe to put the plastic wrap in the freezer, and in addition, when you double wrap foods that you bring home from the supermarket, you prevent freezer burn,” Ross added. “The thin plastic on meat and poultry from the grocery store is too thin to protect foods well.”

Now that you are able to maximize your plastic wrap’s effectiveness, you will be able to spend more time enjoying your meal and less time searching for that pesky corner to peel back.