Stores Are Taking Measures to Protect Their Ice Cream from Lickers

Photo Credit: Twitter

I personally guard my ice cream like it’s made of gold, but that’s just at home. I didn’t realize until recently that my ice cream was in danger at the store too.

Behold, the licker:


This person licks the ice cream and puts it back in the freezer!

I don’t even have words.

Who thinks this is okay?

Apparently, a lot of the internet. This video has spawned several copycats, who are all licking ice cream and putting it back. Or eating it with their hands.


This has led to stores taking some extreme measures to protect their freezers. For example, there’s this store in Nashville:

And this store, where ice cream is being stored like alcohol:

And this Texas Walmart, where an employee is guarding the case with a toy gun:

Honestly, folks, this is why we can’t have nice things. Please give internet challenges like this a pass. People are going to jail. It’s gross. Just…no.