“Stranger Things” Season 3 Trailer Absolutely Slays the Internet

Photo Credit: Netflix

The Stranger Things 3 trailer is here and it is a killer.


The gang is the same, but they are now 13 going on 30. It’s like seeing your friends on the first day of  eighth grade – everyone has changed, yet they’re also still the same.


Yes, the hormones have come home and the not-so-little tykes are well aware they’re growing and changing.

Remember how you cringed every time an adult commented on how you were GROWING AND CHANGING?

The perfect song for this trailer is The Who’s “Baba O’Reilly.” Try to watch the trailer a few times without screaming, “Teenage wasteland!” Hell, yeah.

All the little details, from the music to the continuity and inside jokes, add to the excitement of the mayhem coming our way.

Awww, Eleven and her Eggos.


Many people have decided to amend their celebrations of our great nation’s birthday to include watching the third season’s opening episode of Stranger Things.


Fans are rocked.

Literally leaping for bloodthirsty joy.

And celebrating the sweetest friendship ever. Eleven and Max!


We need all the Steve we can handle. Thanks, that’d be great.

Also, monsters. Yes, more monsters, please.

After watching a trailer full of “high fives,” you’ll get hit with the “too slow,” when you realize you have to wait until July 4 to start Stranger Things3. Reality bites, but now is the time to bank our sleeping hours.

Summer looks to be full of nightmares.