Couple Creates Fake Lap For Their Super Clingy Cat

Ziggy is a 10-year-old cat who loves her humans so much she has to sit on them somehow, some way.

Three years ago, Rebecca May and her husband adopted Ziggy, along with sister, Harley, from a shelter near their home in London. At first, Ziggy seems shy. But when she gets to know you, watch out.

May told The Dodo.

“She will sit squarely on your back or balance precariously on your arm or shoulder. She just has to be on you.”

No big deal, right? Well… that was until May and her husband both began working from home. As soon as May would sit at her desk with her computer and phone ready for work, Ziggy would stake her claim, moving all around May’s workspace and generally making a pest of herself.

May tried placing a cat bed close to the desk for Ziggy, but that didn’t work. May and her husband tried a number of substitutes, but nothing was good enough for Ziggy.

And then… this happened…

Our cat has become SUPER clingy now that we both work from home. We had to improvise… from r/aww

May’s husband had a thought. He stuffed the legs of an old pair of pants, slid a heating pad inside it and even made feet out of some tennis shoes. The “stomach” is a pillow. Ziggy investigated and found she loves it. She’ll sit there for hours, perfectly content.

May posted a picture on Reddit, and other cat owners on the site thought the idea was pure genius.

May said they don’t keep the fake lap out all the time. They mostly enjoy Ziggy’s affection. But when a busy day calls, out comes the trousers to keep Ziggy occupied and happy.

Sound like your cat? Share pics of your favorite lap puss in the comments!