Tumblr Hilariously Explains Why Drinking “Super Coffee” Is Definitely a Bad Idea

Have you heard of so-called super coffee? Basically it’s regular coffee on steroids.

It seems that you can make super coffee a few different ways. One person shared that their friend used to brew his coffee with Monster energy drinks instead of coffee.

Another person shared that they knew a kid in college who poured Monster into his coffee to amp it up.

This person has taken to Tumblr to share an anecdote about the super coffee his roommate made him… and how it’s changed his relationship with coffee ever since.

Super coffee is definitely a phrase that sounds like it would be appealing, but after reading this story I’m not so sure that’s true!

Just the idea of adding an energy drink to coffee is enough to make my tongue want to curl up and die.

But wait… it gets worse.

At least Ahmad is on his side, right?

But wait, what exactly is he going to do?

Wait… so he has combined regular coffee, Turkish coffee, and caffeine pills?

No one who drinks this will ever sleep again.

Luckily, it seems that our hero survived both his night with super coffee and his laptop was working again.

Maybe we all really need to have a friend like Ahmad in our lives!

However, drinking that super coffee definitely sounds like it was a pretty rough experience.

The moral of the story: don’t drink super coffee, but do laugh along when others tell you about their experience.

Have you ever had super coffee? Tells us what it was like in the comments!