15 People Share Their Embarrassing Stories — That Happened to Someone Else

Photo Credit: Pixabay/CC0

I once saw a dude break through a glass wall with a ladder.

I don’t think he saw it coming.

Or maybe he did, and from his angle he thought he had more room.

I don’t know. From my angle it was pretty obvious that something was about to go down.

So I watched, and I waited, and it happened.

I should have said something.

But then it would just be a story about that time I told a guy to watch out for the glass.

You deserve more than that.

In that spirit, here are 15 other times when something super embarrassing happened to somebody else:

#1. Poké-balls

I work near a college campus. The day Pokémon Go came out all hell broke loose. Saw a guy who was playing the app walk directly into a pole that was just a bit taller than his junk because he wasn’t looking up from his phone. Nuts were smashed. I camped out near that pole every day at lunch to watch people playing Pokémon wander into it. Day three, here comes the guy from day one, right into the same pole. Nuts smashed again!

#2. “My chair is so squeaky!”

My best friend from high school farted during quiet reading time in English class. It must have been loud because the popular girls surrounding her looked up in disgust. In a panic, my friend grabbed her seat and with forced bewilderment said, “Oh my! My chair is so squeaky!” She then proceeds to rock and shift positions frantically but the chair doesn’t make a sound. Clearly defeated, my friend spent the rest of class burning in self loathing.

#3. For Example:

My brother was in an HR course and they were doing presentations on different issues in the workplace. One group ended their presentation by showing a clip they found online on sexual harassment in the workplace. For some reason they never bothered to watch the full video because halfway through it, it turned into a porno and the entire class was cringing/trying not to burst out laughing.

#4. “I’m so sorry, Vinnie.”

All the kids in my 5th grade class were passing out Valentine’s during our party. When I finished I went back to my desk and found a huge Hallmark-style envelope on my desk, too big to fit in the box I had decorated. Confused, I opened it and found a real Valentine’s card, with a declaration of love from a classmate named Vinnie. My teacher saw me reading it, grabbed it and cheekily read it out loud to the class. I was mortified. I didn’t think for a moment she would be cruel enough, but then she said who it was from and my heart sank. Vinnie hid his head in his arms at his desk, began to cry and shake, then ran off to the bathroom. I have never seen a more embarrassing moment and I hated my teacher for the rest of the year. I still do, in fact. I’m so sorry Vinnie.

#5. Towel

Female co-worker was working from home (we’re all remote employees), joined a conference call, and didn’t realize she was also broadcasting her webcam. We all saw her in only a towel. The call got very quiet until someone privately IMed her and she shut it off.

#6. “Look at it!”

With my old aunt on the bus once. She’s a bit deaf, so she tends to speak louder than necessary. She leans over to me, and in a hushed, but VERY audible voice that everyone heard, says to me “OMG, look at that woman’s gross baby… no look, it’s so gross, oh my god… -nudges at me hard-… look at it!” … yeah, the woman with the baby was sitting right next to us across the aisle within ear shot. Cringe.

#7. Sorry, Andrew

A kid in my school was put in a group project for a productions class. He was very weird, odd, awkward. Anyhow, long story short, he took a camera home to ‘review’ footage. The next day it was time to review the project in front of the class. Evidently, he had filmed himself masturbating, but hadn’t quite erased all the film by taping over it. Apparently, the class caught just a couple frames of him jerking off right at the end of the film. The class was in hour 7, so he immediately ran out of class and onto the bus. Before the bus could leave, he was approached by a group of administrative staff. He ended up having a panic attack on the bus, kicking, screaming, flailing.

Anyhow he works at a gas station now. Good luck to you Andrew.

#8. Ahead

Freshman year of college, 5 weeks in I had a group project. My group decided to write a script and read it to the class. All 4 of us are up there reading and semi acting out this 10 page script and everyone in class starts kind of giggling. In between lines I make eye contact with this girl I was kinda seeing and she kept laughing towards me. I thought maybe a booger was hanging from my nose, zipper was undone but nope. Ended up that the kid next to me had a boner and did the little tuck in waistband trick. The head of his penis was sticking out and he was wearing a small shirt so anytime he lifted his arms or moved around everyone saw the tip of his penis….. Everyone joked about it when he wouldn’t show up to class.

#9. Twice…

San Francisco airport, a man is running down the escalator and trips at the very end, face planting with so much force that he slides a little. Guy gets up and keeps running, trips and falls on his face again… then gets up and just walks.

#10. “Turtle Sex Noises”

A girl in my design class got up to give her presentation. Her computer is hooked to the projector and it’s on. She opens her email to find the presentation she sent herself and as soon as the email is open someone in class says, “(name), why do you have an email titled Turtle Sex Noises?” Her head whips around to the screen and she shouts “OH MY GOD!” and then she JUMPS in front of the screen as she forgets how projectors work. So “Turtle Sex Noises” is now projected on her boobs and she stammers to quickly tell us that her boyfriend sent her the link, the video is adorable, and so on. She goes on to do the presentation but the class won’t shut up about the turtles so she plays the video and hides her face as this turtle makes adorable squeaky sounds as it makes love to a shoe and the class just loses it.

#11. Wendy

In middle school I had a friend who was a walking disaster. I could write a novel with all the embarrassing things that have happened to her. For the sake of anonymity I’ll only tell one.

She wore a knee length skirt to school one day. One of those that has a little slit on each side. The slits weren’t very long. Maybe a little over an inch on either side. Well throughout the day this girl somehow managed to slowly rip both sides all the way up the entire length of the skirt. She was essentially just wearing a flap of fabric over her front and back by the end of the day. It just so happened to be very windy while we waited for the bus outside. I’ll never forget her face as she stood there clutching both flaps of fabric to her body as best she could.

Luckily she was one who was able to laugh at her own misfortunes. We both got a good laugh at that one.

#12. Faced

I was in the 8th grade, walking and talking with a girl who had a crush on me. She was really going all out trying to impress me, swishing her hips, cracking awful jokes, trying to be smart, when we walked by a building entrance with a raised slab in front of the door. She failed to notice it and, with her hands in her pockets, tripped up and pulled off an amazing face plant.

God, she was so embarrassed her whole face was red. To my credit I didn’t laugh, and helped her up, but inside I was crying with laughter.

#13. Cruel

When I was in elementary school in second grade we had a really cruel and strict teacher. She refused to let the red-haired girl go to the bathroom during morning prayer (private school). She peed her pants in front of the entire class first thing in the morning.

I don’t recall any classmates ever giving her crap about it, but I’m pretty sure no one ever forgot it.

#14. Wrong Answer

We were sitting in a marketing meeting. The guy leading the meeting says “Okay, let’s think about this: what is something we all should have more of, but don’t” or something like that.

My awkward coworker says “….. Sex?…”

No one laughed. It was a pregnant pause.

Meeting went on as if nothing happened.

#15. Best Friend

When I was kindergarten, my class started singing the Alphabet Letters. A boy sitting next to me was pooping himself while singing. He became my best friend. We are now 20 years old and I still remember that day.