Superstitious Folks Beware: We’re Tossing Around Ideas About How 2020 Could Still Get Worse

Image Credit: Reddit

Everyone was looking forward to the dawn of a new decade, but 2020 had plans that definitely didn’t include making people happy. Since January, half of Australia has burned down, koalas have died, Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crashed, the obvious devastation of the virus-that-shall-not-be-named, multiple natural disasters, plane crashes, murder hornets, rioting in the streets…

You might think that things couldn’t possibly get worse, but first of all – of course they can.

Second of all, these 18 people have some ideas that seem a bit too plausible, if you ask me.

18. I wouldn’t put anything past global leadership.

World war 5. A war so intense it skips over 3 and 4

17. Brace yourselves, coastal cities.

Today is the beginning of hurricane season.

16. This seems way too plausible.

The China/India border situation going from a standoff to a full-on shooting war.

15. That’s when the apocalypse really starts.

Some sort of large scale electrical failure would be the icing on the cake

14. At least it would put us all out of our misery.

A massive meteorite hitting the earth

13. Smart people know way too much to be happy.

Confirmation that the Ug99 stem rust has spread beyond East Africa / the Middle East to multiple points in Europe, East Asia, and the Americas, permanently threatening the global supply of wheat.

12. The world economy is already in serious trouble.

Well in the case of my country Chile.

We had massive protests since October, government handled it pretty bad and our economy crippled. Now with the pandemic, again the government mishandled it and we are having a pretty nasty second wave of infections.

Only thing that would make things worse would be one of our recurrent earthquakes. Chile is known for having devastating earthquakes every 10 to 15 years. Last big one near the capital was around 10 years ago. If government mishandles it again, our economy may hurt in a irreparable way.

11. Let’s not add some earthquakes, hmm?

I live in L.A. and today I was thinking the universe could truly fuck us by finally having The Big One strike this summer. But I guess that’s just regional and not more awful shit for the entire world.

10. Why do we trust people with nuclear weapons, again?

A proxy war between any two nations nuclear powers that turns nuclear. More specifically – since everybody’s asking – China vs India(like whats going on right now) or the US vs Iran or Saudi Arabia vs Iran. And finally, American Civil War 2

9. Never trust the monkeys.

Random chimp event

8. Never ask how things can get worse?

Anybody remembers post from 3rd of January?

It was something like: “1st day of new year WW3 starts, 2nd Australia is on fire, 3rd day Pope hits woman, what will happen 4th day?”

And people were joking what terrible shit will happen and now it’s like worst year since 1939

7. This would be the icing on the cake.

The internet goes down.

So far things haven’t been that bad for many of us because we still have the most advanced entertainment and communication systems humanity has every known available at our fingertips 24/7.

6. This is…also plausible.

American Civil War 2.0

5. Ebola is back, you know.

A doublepandemic.

4. From their lips to god’s ears.

Calling it now – the second half of 2020 is gonna be the best comeback in history, starting with a Rocky IV montage

3. Just a few nightmare scenarios.

Yep. Here’s some nightmare scenarios.

Florida gets hit by multiple storms in quick succession.

Imagine New York barely getting back to normal from Coronavirus only to get hit by a storm like Sandy, except this time the federal government refuses to help due to the president’s beef with the state.

Or imagine New Orleans, another city hit hard by Coronavirus, getting hit by another Katrina like storm. Will the levees hold up or will they fail again? Also, how bad will the response be this time?

Houston getting hit by another Harvey.

Galveston gets hit by another Ike storm.

2. The ultimate sh*tshow.

If we were stuck in a 2020 time loop

1. I would not like this at all.

Diarrhea. Widespread, infectious and without warning.

I really don’t want to think about any of this today, so I’m going to Scarlet O’Hara it for now.

In a non-racist way, but a fellow procrastinator way.

What haven’t these people considered? Would you add another potential threat? Tell us in the comments!