“Supreme” Brand Oreos Selling for Thousands on eBay

Photo Credit: eBay

From what my teen tells me, if you slap the word “Supreme” on a hoodie, jacket or another piece of clothing, the value of that item explodes into something unaffordable and if he doesn’t get that hoodie he will be the laughingstock of the town.

So, I didn’t believe him…until now.

Folks, there are Supreme Oreos selling for thousands of actual dollars on eBay.

The mind boggles.


The first reporting on this insanity was by the New York Post who saw an eBay listing for the swank sandwich cookie starting at $4 and ended up selling for more than $2,600 for a a single three-pack of cookies. I’m assuming “new with tags.”

And then there’s this one for $4K…

And this one for $20K??!!

And this one for… wait for it… $69K?!?!?!?!

Officially, the costly cookies are described as, “Double Stuff OREO cookies with baked logo. 3 cookies per pack.” And, are listed as $8. NOT $8,000.

Question: how did these sellers get the cookies before their official launch? I’m guessing dark web.

So… question… how dumb are people who buy these? Completely dumb or just dumb and rich?

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