Survey Says: Most People Show More Affection to Their Dogs Than Their Humans

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In short, we’ve all somehow become Brits.

Seriously, though, this probably doesn’t surprise anyone who spends a good deal of time on social media – I don’t know about you, but I see way more posts of people’s dogs than their significant other (but baby pics are still up there).

It turns out we’re not just seeing things, either – a recent survey on Rover.com found that, in many ways, people show far more love for their furry friends than they do to their partners and spouses. For instance, nearly half of pet owners revealed they had plans to celebrate this past Valentine’s day with their pet.

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Rover surveyed 1450 U.S. adults who are dating or in a relationship and found that 67% confess to gazing lovingly into their pet’s eyes and 33% do this more often with their dog than their spouse or significant other. 25% of dog owners take more pictures with their dog than the humans in their life, 25% spend more money on their dog than their partner, and 50% cuddle with their dog more often than the person they’re dating.

Not only that, but 41% of pet owners claim that they wouldn’t consider dating someone who didn’t get along with their pets and 53% would break up with a current partner if they were allergic to their beloved pets.

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It’s not all one-sided, though. Phil Tedeschi, a University of Denver researcher and member of Rover’s Dog People Panel, says that our pooches experience and express empathy when they know we’re in distress.

Which is more than we can say for all significant others out there…

Check out the fun infographics below for more interesting stats on how pet owners treat their cuddle buddies as opposed to the humans they claim to love!

Image Credit: Rover.com

I mean. My dog was my first baby, so I get it. I’m sure you do, too.