Taco Cart Owner Claps Back With Business Cost Realities After a Harsh, One-Star Review

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Reviews online can be helpful, of course.

They can steer us away from products that aren’t worth the money, that will break easily, or might not be exactly what we’re looking for, saving us time and money.

They can also help us choose between restaurants, letting us know whether the food and service are up to snuff.

But there are always a**holes out there who will give people poor reviews for little to no reason, or who just feel the need to be vindictive for whatever reason.

Thankfully, business owners can hit back if they feel as if they’ve been wronged – and this taco cart owner, who got blasted over a taco that cost $1.68, definitely had something to say.

This review with a golden response from the owner
by inChoosingBeggars

The original complaint was about a street taco that had only “5 pieces of meat” and a bunch of onions and cilantro, and that the owner/employee said nothing when confronted about it.

The owner replied that, because the customer paid with a credit card, he made like $.25 off the entire transaction, so basically… stop complaining, Karen!

I don’t think most people realize that the cashless society we’ve created hurts small businesses, because the credit card companies charge them a fee to process the transaction. Most are afraid to pass the cost along to consumers or to flat-out refuse to accept credit cards for fear of driving away business, but the truth is, if they’re only making a quarter off your transaction, they probably aren’t going to care too much whether your return.

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Also…who just buys one street taco and then counts the meat?

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Are you a crazy person?

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I’m with the person who pointed out that, for under $2 a taco, you’re lucky to get any meat at all.

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What can you buy anymore that’s so cheap?!

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Most of the responders came down on the side of the taco stand owner.

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