Take a Moment to Breathe and Enjoy These 12 Amusing Memes

When life gets stressful and you start to feel overwhelmed, sometimes the best thing to do is stop, breathe, and recenter yourself.

But if sitting at your desk with your eyes closed or trying to meditate isn’t really yours style, you could try enjoying these 12 amusing memes instead.

1. Why do these exist?

And why…do I want them?

Image Credit: deafkitten

2. Know thyself:

And probably see a therapist.

Image Credit: deafkitten

3. Accurate:

Street cats are not to be messed with.

Image Credit: aBlueKite

4. Which April?

Wait, what year is it?

Image Credit: aBlueKite

5. This, 100%:

Gimme cheese, not a sleaze.

Image Credit: aBlueKite

6. Hi! Here I am! Over here!

Hope you like no bean chili.

Image Credit: aBlueKite

7. Sing it from the rooftops:

The song heard ’round the world!

Image Credit: aBlueKite

8. It’s electrifying:

I’m losing control!

Image Credit: aBlueKite

9. Fiendish beasts:

Will you never let me rest?

Image Credit: aBlueKite

10. It’s Always Sunny with Fleetwood Mac?

Wait, is Fleetwood Mac just the Always Sunny cast having traveled back in time?

Image Credit: aBlueKite

11. Some things are inevitable:

Some things will never change.

Image Credit: borgaard88

12. Me: *slowly slides a box in front of the hole*

Sorry, we’re closed.

Image Credit: borgaard88

When life gets me down, and maybe I’m mad because of rude customers or cats who try to contact me while I’m resting my grave, I like to let me imagination wander.

Yep, I like to sip on some coffee and fantasize about my soup-making, true crime podcast loving soul mate.

What is your fantasy soul mate like? Let us know in the comments.