Take a Time Out and Read These 13 Funny Tweets

If you’ve only got five minutes for a break and a laugh, what better way to spend it than with some recent and hilarious tweets? 

And if you’re not sure where to find said tweets, since there are so many to dig through, listen – we’ve got you covered with 13 that are all but guaranteed to entertain.

13. That definitely won’t make anyone hate you.

Except yes. Yes it will.

12. You must have, for real.


11. Seconded.

This is gonna pass on the first try, bipartisan and everything.

10. I can’t stop giggling.

Your dog would do anything for you, you know.

9. It will never go away.

Except maybe one day when you get dementia.

8. I am screaming over the mittens.

Where did she get one?

7. Also groceries!

But wait…don’t eat my stuff though.

6. I mean lets be real.

We’ve all gotten real lazy.

5. Sometimes you just know.

*wipes a tear*

4. Such a small thing will tip you right over.

You know it’s not worth it, but.

3. They’re not missing a chance to play those ads, boy.

Gotta get that money honey.

2. I don’t understand.

Isn’t everyone a Taylor Swift fan yet?

1. So many new fans!

Good for her.

See what I mean? Now you can go about your day with a smile on your face? Or at least a smirk? Perhaps a grin?

Hey… as long as it’s not a frown, we’re good!

Which one of these did you immediately pass along to your friends? Tell us in the comments and post some memes you love!

Thanks, fam!