You Can Now Buy A CVS Receipt Scarf, Inspired By Those Preposterously Long CVS Receipts

Photo Credit: Twitter

My fiancé swears by CVS, mostly because of their insane array of coupons and discounts you get on your receipt. But not even she could love the brand enough to make it a fashion statement.

What some people see as absurd, others see as an opportunity. That’s exactly what happened with Kathryn Hughes. 


Inspired by the lengthy list you get every time you visit a CVS counter, Hughes created a handmade line of scarves. Checking in at 58 inches long by 10 inches wide, the $20 CVS receipt scarves are truly unique – every one is made slightly different. Take a look:

Photo Credit: Etsy

The receipts are actually beneficial, in a sense – CVS ExtraCare members  get coupons and sales announcements printed below their purchases. That detail didn’t fly by Hughes, who will include coupon phrases such as “15 percent off with $50 purchase” and “$1 ExtraBucks Rewards” printed on the scarves.

The savvy businesswoman also offers Rite Aid receipt scarves for $20. And while she acknowledges her receipt-inspired scarves are more of a gag gift, they certainly will inspire a chuckle or two if you’re caught wearing one this winter.