Talking Gargoyle Startles and Amuses Denver Airport Fliers

Photo Credit: Twitter

I don’t think there’s anyone who really loves the airport. The lines are always long, everyone’s cranky. The Denver Airport has always been a bit unique, though.

Ever since the Denver Airport opened in 1995 (well behind schedule), it’s been subject to a host of rumors. Is it the Illuminati Headquarters? Why does its dedication stone have the Masonic Square on it and include the “New World Airport Commission” (an organization that doesn’t exist)? And what’s with the “Blue Mustang” sculpture that actually killed the artist who created it?

Photo Credit: Twitter

The airport has long had stone gargoyles guarding the baggage area. Although the original statures are currently in storage due to the construction, the airport has installed a new gargoyle to delight and amuse visitors (and discuss various conspiracy theories).

From far away, the gargoyle looks like a traditional stone statue. When you get close, he might just strike up a conversation. Check out the Denver Airport’s video of this amusing fellow:

A quick side note: the gargoyle says he’s 243 years old. Guess how long ago the Illuminati was founded? Yep, 243 years ago. Coincidence?