Tech Support People Are Sharing Things They’ve Seen Working — [14 Photos]

Image Credit: Reddit

Working in any department where you deal with people is a harrowing experience. When it comes to technology and technology repair, you also have to add in the fact that people’s experience and expertise levels are all over the board.

That strange mix of humanity that you find in pretty much any industry can keep things interesting – something these 14 techs know for sure.

14. Some thirtysomething finally got the last laugh.

He probably still thinks it’s funny, too.

Work for local high school, the disc drive wasn’t working. Probably been there since 2012 from techsupportgore

13. They’re going to need a whole new office.

I mean. Just burn it down.

Someone unplugged something and now the office internet doesn’t work… from techsupportgore

12. Was he walking across a bridge?

Or perhaps riding a giraffe?

User "Dropped it walking to the car." It came in the day after the Super Bowl. from techsupportgore

11. He was either on drugs or just very dumb.

I’m honestly not sure which one would be better (or worse).

Customer came in with his iPhone, his glass cracked, he thought he could peel off the glass so he wouldn’t notice the crack anymore. from techsupportgore

10. What is even happening here?

Is that the case? Or?

"But I like it this way, it’s convenient." -my tech savvy aunt from techsupportgore

9. Why would you do this, though?

Like…was it not working, or you just thought it needed to be plugged in MORE?

Plugging in your USB receiver with a hammer for that flush mounted look. from techsupportgore

8. Kids literally don’t deserve anything nice.

We should stop giving them nice things and expecting them to be better.

Round 2 Of How Students Treat Their Chromebooks In My School, I have no words from techsupportgore

7. That’s definitely not how this works.

Any of it. Nothing.

"It didn’t plug in, so I bent the pins to make it fit." from techsupportgore

6. They just didn’t try plugging it into the right port.

You would have thought they would have tried all of the holes.

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5. Those are not the sort of tips we like, friends.

Somebody lost their temper.

4. Nightmare. Fuel.

A few ants don’t freak me out, but a colony of anything will do the trick in a hot second.

Got a call from a local business that the Internet wasn’t working… Ant infestation will do the trick I suppose. from techsupportgore

3. An advantage how?

On what planet do you need a lighter mouse?

My friend drilled holes in his mouse to make it lighter so it would give him an "advantage". from techsupportgore

2. At least it’s an easy fix.

I’d hate to be the person who called, though.

Makes sense from techsupportgore

1. A screw hole for what, though?

He’s not screwing anything in…

My grandpa thought his headphone jack was a screw hole. from techsupportgore

I’m dying, y’all. I couldn’t do it.

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