Teen Designs a Map Called ‘New’ America That Went Viral and People Have So Many Questions About It

Photo Credit: Twitter, @craigcalcaterra

Students and homework go hand in hand. Math, English, Science, and History… it’s just how things go when you’re a kid in school.

These subjects are supposed to prepare the younger generation for the future, but when Craig Calcaterra checked up on his daughter Anna’s homework, he found a fascinating and hilarious new version of America.

To the Twitterverse!

Calcaterra was taken aback, both by the creativity and seeming creepiness of Anna’s “map.”

For instance… what is “Long Chile”?

And why is Wyoming considered unnecessary?

Dad attempted to explain…

Anna’s alternate history map racked up over 65K retweets and  3645K likes.

The responses are classic, but people particularly liked Chile.

Chile is just long. That’s how it is now.

Welcome to Anna’s new reality, folks!

With a bit of closer inspection, she writes, “Capital moved to Ohio 2” and the four corners were replaced.

What’s up there?

People had so many questions!

Especially about Ohio 2.

Anna touched on the lengthening of Texas and Idaho by “unanimous” vote but the real spotlight was, again… Long Chile!


In the end Twitter jokingly clapped back with some changes of their own.


But don’t worry fam… America is still in its original shape. No plans right now to make Anna’s changes… yet.

Proud papa Calcaterra even wrote a follow-up essay, explaining what went down behind the scenes. There’s also a quick interview with Anna and CNN.

Enjoy all of that and let us know what you think in the comments!