Teen Gets into a Car Accident, Posts a TikTok to “Cope” with the Shock

©TikToc/Kaite Cornetti

Most of us have been in a minor car accident or we at least know someone who has. And it’s not uncommon that a brush with mortality would cause someone to go into a shock for a while – stuff like that is really scary.

16-year-old Katie Cornetti recently found out just how terrifying a car accident can be. And in order to get over her shock, she decided to post a TikTok that went viral soon after.

Cornetti posted a few more videos on the microfilm social media site in the days to come. Luckily, she and her friends didn’t have any life-threatening injuries. The teen told Buzzfeed,

“We saw [the window] shatter and we look at each other, and were like, ‘Are you OK? Are you OK?’ Once we figured out we were all OK, we started laughing. We’re best friends and this is how we coped together.”

The 16-year-old was in the car with two of her friends when the crash occurred. Cornetti’s friend Marissa was driving that day and the car suddenly rolled while they were on a winding road. The culprit was a tire that wasn’t properly secured to the vehicle.

Thankfully everyone was wearing their seat belts and they were fine. Then, Cornetti decided to create a TikTok, which, to her surprise, went super viral.

Photo Credit: Katie Cornetti/TikTok

Some people thought it was funny:

But not everyone on social media was amused.


But Cornetti seems to be coping with her virality just fine:

“The comments are not really bothering me ’cause who does make a TikTok after a car crash?” she asked. “We are perfectly fine, we got really lucky.”

It’s hard to judge what people do after such a stressful event, and the good news is that everyone turned out to be okay.

What do you think of Cornetti and her friends’ TikTok?