Teenager Asks if He’s Wrong to Tell off a Busybody Neighbor

I’m gonna wash out your mouth with soap!

How many times did you hear that from your parents when you were growing up?

I know I sure did from time to time…

And a teenage boy took to Reddit’s “Am I the *sshole?” page to ask if he was wrong for cursing out his neighbor.

Let’s see what transpired…

AITA for telling the neighbor to go f*ck herself if she was so bothered?

“I (15M) have three younger siblings, who I’m in charge of until my dad gets home from work most days. They’re (8M), (6F) and (5M). They like to play around in the yard because since they can’t go to the park anymore because of the virus.

I guess that the neighbor was annoyed because my siblings were playing near the fence and she came up and practically pounded on the door, claiming that my siblings, who weren’t being loud or destructive and were just playing with each other, were distracting her and being a ‘nuisance’ and asked me to take them inside, and when I told her no, she said that she’d happily call the police, as if they’d do anything.

That p*ssed me off and so I just said the first thing that had come to mind, which was ‘well, go f*ck yourself then if you’re so bothered by it’, and she made a face and told me that either I has to do something about my siblings or she would, whatever she meant by that.

Apparently she called my dad and he got kissy at me, and told me that I’d overreacted and been unnecessarily rude to the neighbor.

Was I? I guess I could’ve handled things better but I think my dad’s stretching it just a little.”

Here’s what folks on Reddit had to say.

This person pointed out the clear truth here: this kid was in HIS OWN YARD.

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Another reader said that this is a clear case of an adult trying to bully a young kid.

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This Reddit user thinks that everyone in this situation is an *sshole. Maybe they’re right…?

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Another reader said that the boy didn’t do anything wrong and that if it happens again he should call the police.

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Finally, a Reddit user said that the teenager acted appropriately and that swearing at the woman was appropriate.

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Was this young person way out of line with their language and their actions?

Or were they justified in what they did?

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