Teenager Asks if She’s a Jerk for Reaction to Dad and Stepmom Wanting to Show Her Their Wedding Video

Does anybody really want to watch someone else’s wedding video…?

Especially if you’re young?

I’d say probably not, but you never know…

So is this teenage girl acting like a jerk in this situation?

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AITA for how I responded to my dad and stepmom trying to force us to watch their wedding video?

“I’m 14f and my brother is 10m. Our dad has been with ‘Carol’ for close to two years & they got married in early November.

Carol h**es us. Especially me. She calls me a ‘problem child’ and is always picking at me, being rude to me. She constantly compares us to her daughters, constantly picks fights and tries to parent my brother & I. She yells & calls us names when we have to go over.

If one of her daughters does something to us, like taking our stuff, she just brushes it off and laughs. And our dad just lets it happen. We have no choice but to see him 4 times a month bc of he and our moms court agreement. But we h**e it there & we h**e Carol. So we didn’t go to their wedding, even though dad was super p**sed and fought with us about it for two months after we told him we weren’t going.

So we skipped the wedding. Last Sunday he picked us up like usual and drove us to his house. I noticed right away they were in a better mood than they have been lately. Carol was blabbing at us about their honeymoon in Florida.

When we got to the house dad announced they had something to show us and for us to go sit in the living room while he got it. Me and my brother went and sat down, but we both had a bad feeling. The girls were nowhere around, which was weird.

Carol came to sit on the other couch and she was just staring at us, looking like she’d won something. And my dad comes in with a Blu-ray disc and puts it into the player, and sits with Carol. And Carol says in this happy-b**chy voice, this is since the two of you missed it. You can see what you missed.

It started playing and we realized it was a video of their wedding day. A few seconds in, it was edited to a clip of them saying I do and kissing. My brother saw this and started to cry. And I just got so mad. We h**e Carol and that’s why we didn’t go in the first place. She wasn’t gonna force us to look at it now.

So I grabbed my brother’s hand and pulled him up off the couch and said we weren’t gonna watch this. Carol sneered and said we had no choice. I told her she’d never be in charge of us no matter how much she wished she was and told my dad we were leaving. I admit I shouted this part.

She told me to stop being a little b**ch and I shouted back that she’s a big FAT b**ch who should know better. Rude I know.

She shouted at my dad are you just gonna let her talk to me like that? And dad just kind of laughed? And said he wasn’t dealing with this and went to his room and locked the door. I took my brother to get his stuff on, grabbed my bag and left, with Carol screaming at me most of that time.

Idk most of what she was saying, it was too loud and screamy. I started walking with my brother down the side of the road and called mom on my cell to come get us. We walked about ten minutes before she met us on the road.

Dad is mad at me, Carol is p**sed but idc. Mom is upset only bc she thinks I shouldn’t have walked my brother along the road.

If I’m the A**hole, it’s alright.”

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