Teenagers Are Using TikTok to Make History Less Boring — And It’s Working

Image Credit: Pixabay

TikTok isn’t history class (it’s probably not allowed in most history classes), but teenagers all over are using the newish social media platform to prove the adults around them wrong (again).

Many of the commentaries are a bit simple, but hey – you have to remember that some people are hearing about these events for the first time.

And simple or complicated, this is a way more fun way to study for a test than reading a textbook or actually paying attention to a lecture.

There are some that tackle tougher historical events, like the Vietnam War and the truth about colonization of the Americas.

Here are some of the best ones!

10. The Monroe Doctrine (1823).

9. The German occupation of Belgium (1914).

8. The colonization of Africa (1400s).

7. The establishment of the League of Nations (1919).

6. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln (1865).

5. The attack on Pearl Harbor (1941)

4. The Black Death (1347-1351).

3. The U.S. exit from Vietnam (1975).

2. The Boston Tea Party (1773).

1. The European age of exploration/invasion (1405-)

I love these, and would totally have been on board as a teenager!

Do you have a favorite? What would you like to see next? Share with us!