Landlord Forgets to Hide Email Addresses When Demanding Rent, so Then Everyone Went on a Rent Strike

Photo Credit: Pixabay

You don’t have to be an email expert to know that you probably should check twice before hitting send. That’s especially the case when you’re sending something to multiple recipients.

For one California apartment management company, that concept apparently didn’t get covered during onboarding. And it cost them. Big time.

Recently, the landlords sent out an email to 300 tenants demanding full rent payment or else they’d be evicted. However, in a truly boneheaded move, the company forgot to use the BCC feature.

Let’s just say that simple mistake turned into a highly regrettable (and money-draining) one.

Nailah Howze works as a freelance photographer, videographer and event planner, but she recently lost her entire income. And with only a month’s worth of rent saved, it’s not like she was swimming in cash to cover her expenses.

That didn’t matter to Saturn Management. This is part of the email they sent, which reads as if it were written by a cartoon villain.

“The governor of California has instituted an emergency ordinance relating to the payment of rent, that although delays eviction for non­ payment of rent, it does not prohibit an eviction for non-payment of rent in the future.

Rents are still due pursuant to your lease agreement with your landlord & management company.”

Unfortunately for the management company, all the tenants banded together over the ridiculous demand. And utilizing programs like Zoom and Slack, they communicated with each other and ended up striking against their landlords.

The group received plenty of support for sticking up for themselves on Twitter:

The massive mistake by Saturn Management made some people chuckle.

Considering how Nailah and her fellow tenants are facing serious financial hardships, the ultimate karma move drew praise from one Twitter user.

We’ll see if the strike pays off. Don’t they always say there’s strength in numbers?

Have you ever made a similar email blunder? Tell us about your worst email moments at work below!