Jared Leto Was On A 12-Day Meditation And Just Found Out About The State Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

Photo Credit: Netflix

If you think the only people who hadn’t heard about coronavirus might be desert hermits, you, gentle reader, are correct.

This week, Jared Leto announced on Twitter he’d just come out of the desert and into civilization (or what’s left of it) after a 12-day meditation. In those 12-days, he had absolutely no conversation with anyone.

The situation he found when he came back blew his mind.

It was a completely different world than the one he left a week and a half before.

But, he sends “positive energy” out to all.

Pete Yorn offered some excellent advice.

Basically, we’ve ground to a halt until Leto came back to speak to us and feed us fishes and loaves.


Oh dear. I hope Leto was stocked up on the ol’ TP before he wandered into the desert without his wifi.

We were waiting for Leto, but now that he’s back, everyone can go home…now.

Documented for future anthropologists.

Honestly, I feel like Leto probably doesn’t have a good handle on current events even when he’s hanging by the pool at the crib.

This has totally been done before…cough, cough…Walking Dead.


Oh, Jared. Thanks for the laughs. We could use some during these dark days.

Have any of you ever had a similar situation? Where you emerged from ZERO information to a complete shit show?

Let us know in the comments!