That Whole Thing About Finding a Star on Your Tootsie Pop And Getting A Free Sucker Is a Total Lie

Image Credit: Twitter

When we were kids, there was one thing everyone knew for sure – if you found a star on your tootsie pop wrapper, a free sucker was in your future. Right?


It turns out that even Tootsie Pop has no idea where this urban legend began, but they definitely don’t honor it.

Image Credit: Tootsie Pop

Not only that, but it’s not even really rare.

Image Credit: Tootsie Pop

Are you kidding me?

The real question is, who made it up? Why? How on earth did it get so far-reaching and why did no one ever, you know, try to actually trade in their wrapper for a free one?

An odd chapter in American history, to be sure, but one that’s now closed.

You’re welcome.